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What software do you use?

       Lotus Domino.  Now you can combine the strengths of the iSeries and Lotus Domino to position your organization for the 21st century. Use Domino for the iSeries to enhance existing business applications and reach new levels of collaboration and coordination in your organization. Your organization can use Domino for the iSeries to create, deploy and manage e-business solutions on a server known for reliability, scalability and integrated security.  Domino is the world’s leading workflow, messaging, groupware and Web software.  Domino enables you to communicate with colleagues, collaborate in teams, and coordinate strategic business processes on and off the Web.  Lotus Domino gives you the power you need to communicate within and beyond your organization.  Mobile Notes users can take their desktop along with them, transforming airports, hotels and cars into workspaces complete with up-to-the-minute information.


Lotus Domino applications can be made accessible from any Web browser, at home, in the airport, in a cyber-café, anywhere you choose!  Domino goes beyond traditional e-mail and groupware. With Domino you can collaborate with team members using a local area network, wide area network or the Internet. With the unique ability of Domino to integrate structured and unstructured information into coherent databases, you can organize and coordinate the most complex business processes.



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