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Why do I need an ASP?


Less employees: You will no longer need to have employees to manage your e-mail servers, saving you money.

Less computers to manage: CRSI provides all necessary server hardware for your e-mail needs.

Liberation of existing servers:  The existing servers can be made available to meet new and existing needs.

No more wondering when your servers will go down.  With complete redundancy, your e-mail service is always available.  Guaranteed via a Service Level Agreement.

No more e-mail server down time when you need to expand or grow.   Our hardware is designed to run E-mail.  We can add and remove many hardware components without taking the server out of production.

Access your corporate e-mail from anywhere over a secure (SSL) connection.  Use your web browser at home or on the go to check your corporate e-mail via Web-Mail.

You can obtain your Internet connectivity as well as your e-mail through the same connection.  Enjoy solid, redundant, secure connectivity to the Internet.

Based in Denver, in the heart of the United States.  Soon CRSI will have a geographically diverse location, providing additional redundancy.


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