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How do you support Microsoft Exchange if you only run Domino?

    What we support is Outlook.  We have found that many chose Exchange because thatwas the only option if Outlook was to be used on the desktop.   

Why use Domino?

1. Domino is an integrated environment; typical of Microsoft YOU become the systems integrator

2. Domino replication handles the distribution of applications and data.

3. Exchange apps must be installed on each client desktop

4. Domino apps can be used for Notes clients and browsers WITHOUT modification.

5. Forms-based Exchange apps written for the Outlook client must be REWRITTEN in order to be used by browser-based users.

6. Domino security is both granular, mature, and standards driven. Even in a form, various sections can be independently secured.

7. Domino excels in its Mobile support. Exchange mobile support is weak at best. Domino has location profiles, supports multiple protocols, and has 1 replication model versus 3 in Exchange.


Okay, so how do you connect Outlook directly to Domino?

      As Lotus unveils the latest updates and improvements to Domino server technology, more administrators find that they want to take advantage of its powerful database and security features, as well as its history of reliable performance. Some of these administrators have already deployed the Microsoft Exchange server, only to discover after the fact that the Domino server provides richer functions, more flexibility, and better network performance.

Because their end users have learned to use Microsoft Outlook and have developed business practices around its features, server administrators have been reluctant to upgrade to Domino either because they fear the loss of some Outlook features in the transition or because of the necessity of migrating Outlook users to Lotus Notes.

With these challenges in mind, Lotus developed iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook—a deceptively simple solution that lets administrators migrate their mail databases from the Exchange server to the Domino server without impacting Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000 user productivity. End users can continue to use Outlook as they always have, while administrators can enhance and simplify server maintenance and performance using the power of the Domino backend.



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